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Mukhtar Imanov

Mukhtar Kazim oglu Imanov was born on the 28th of May in 1955 in the village Akhura of Sharur region of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

In 1977 he graduated from the Philology faculty of Baku State University, during 1977-1980 years he worked as a teacher of the Azerbaijani language and literature at eight years school in Hamzali village of Sharur region. In 1983 he graduated from the postgraduate study on the branch of literature theory at the ANAS Institute of Literature named after Nizami. In 1984 he defended a candidate thesis “Psychologizm in modern Azerbaijan prose”.

During 19831992 years he worked as a junior scientific worker, a scientific worker and a senior scientific worker in the department of Mythology at the Institute of Literature named after Nizami. Among 1992-2000 years he was the editorinchef at the publish house “Yazichi”.

During 2001-2003 years he worked as a senior scientific worker at the ScientificCultural Centre “Folklore Palace”. When the centre became the Institute he worked as a leader scientific worker in the department “Folklore of Turkic nations”. In 2007 M.K.Imanov defended the thesis of doctor degree “The genesis and poetics of laugh in Azerbaijan folklore”.

From 2011 he is the director of ANAS the Institute of Folklore. In 2014 he was elected as a corresponding member of ANAS on the speciality “Literaturestudy”. Six monographies about modellizing the artistic psychologizm as an ethnic selfexpressing code in Azerbaijan prose, creation of scientific conception about Azerbaijan folk laugh culture, also about actual problems of folklorestudy (Psychologizm in modern Azerbaijan prose. Baku, Elm, 1991; The archaic roots of the laugh. Baku, Elm, 2005; The poetics of folk laugh. Baku, Elm, 2006; Doublefacing of character in folklore. Baku, Elm, 2011; Epos. Prose. Problems. Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2011; Portraits, Baku, Nurlan, 2013), more than hundred scientific articles and many publicistic articles have been published by him.

This scientist who is busy with collecting, compiling and publishing of folklore is also an author of many books (Bu yurd baygusha galmaz (This land can't stay to the owl) Baku, Yazichi, 1995; Anthology of Azerbaijan folklore, book 7. Zangazur folklore. Baku, Seda, 2005; “Garabag: Folklore is also a history” Book 1, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2012; Book 2, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2012; Book 3, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2012; Book 4, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2013; Book 5, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2013; Book 6, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2013; Book 7, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2014; Book 8, Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2014; Book 9, Baku, Zardabi LTD, 2014), a project leader and one of the project authors.

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