Alirza Sarrafi visited the Institute of Folklore

On the 4th of August in 2022 the Executive Director of the enterprise “El bilimi” operating in the city of Tabriz of Iran, as well as the editor of the journal of the same name, the valuable intellectual Alirza Sarrafi was a guest at the Institute of Folklore of ANAS. The executive director of the Institute, PhD in philology, Associate Professor Afag Khurramgizi greeted the guests warmly and gave detailed information about the activities and work of the Institute. He noted that the main purpose of his visit was to continue the cooperation of the organization he represents with the work to be done at the Institute of the Folklore of South Azerbaijan. Executive director, Associate Professor Afag Khurramgizi noted that the Department of South Azerbaijan folklore operated at the Institute of Folklore in connection with this issue, the main research direction of this department was the study of folklore samples collected from the south, their systematization in terms of content, attitude and idea, transliteration of the collections of South Azerbaijan folklore and so on.

Continuing with her ideas the Executive Director A.Khurramgizi also mentioned that the department had published 12 volumes of “South Azerbaijan folklore” book. During the conversation, the researcher from Tabriz also noted that large-scale work was carried out in Tabriz, he said that from time to time they collected epos texts in audio files from different regions of South Azerbaijan and held epos nights. Till nowadays the private issues of the journal “El bilimi” have been published in connection with the folklore of the gashgai Turks, fairy tales, Muharram rituals. During the conversation A.Sarrafi thanked the Institute of Folklore for the South Azerbaijan Folklore Project and presented the Azerbaijani folklore materials published in Iran to the Institute for the continuation of this project in the future. He said that he would spare all his effort in this matter in the future and was pleased with the mutual cooperation.

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