The meeting of the Scientific Council of the Folklore Institute was held

The meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS was held on March 4, 2022. The first issue on the agenda of the meeting was the 85th anniversary of Sanubar Karimova, the senior researcher of the Department Dede Gorgud. General Director of the Institute, Academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov spoke about her life, public and scientific activities and added that the jubilee passed a very interesting and honorable way of life, worked with conscience and dignity in all areas entrusted to her, gained great respect and honor among the people. Then the head of the Department of Mythology of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, Doctor of Philology, Professor Seyfaddin Rzasoy congratulated the jubilee and said that if the personality of Sanuber Karimova was characterized, it was clear that she was an epoch-making personality.

Speaking after the congratulatory speeches, Sanuber Karimova gave a brief overview of the work she done in her 85 years of life. She expressed her deep gratitude to all the employees of the Institute who have worked side by side for many years.
The next issue on the agenda was the approval of the new composition of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS. The council members adopted the decision unanimously.
Then the next issue on the agenda - the results of the attestation of scientists of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, the chairman of the Attestation Commission, Professor Seyfeddin Rzasoy’s report was heard. It was noted that in general, the results of the certification could be considered satisfactory. Several people with poor results were warned about the lack of individual planning work and articles.
At the end the current issues were discussed.

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